Cross-Sew the pretty artwork of Maria Diaz! Tasks come with:

  • Animals: Cats, birds, horses, squirrels, and pigs
  • Landscapes: Fields, sunsets, woods, and a cottage
  • Florals: Peonies, tulips, poppies, daisies, irises, and more
  • Baby: Little Angel, toy room, Valuable Present, and alphabets
  • Art: Da Vinci’s La Scapigliata, Albrecht Dürer’s Praying Hands, and Madonna & Child

This stunning sourcebook of Move Sew Tasks gives one of the most so much unbelievable and precious designs from uniquely proficient needlecraft fashion designer Maria Diaz.

As a most sensible Move Sew fashion designer, Maria Diaz is understood for the creative sensibility of her huge, lush designs. She makes use of her needle to awaken remarkable landscapes, captivating animals, daring florals, and emotional sepia photos.

The huge-scale authentic styles within Ultimate Move Sew Projects come with rustic us of a landscapes, conventional samplers, lovely animals, lovable characters, and whole coloured plants. A suite of the writer’s very best-liked new child designs may be incorporated, offering stunning research in sepia for brand new folks. Maria’s designs and Tasks are ideal for developing hand-crafted items for friends and family!

In this final compilation of Move-stich Tasks, you’ll be able to in finding the simple-to-observe colour charts go away no guesswork. With transparent step by step directions and surprising images, each and every challenge will supply hours and hours of ingenious amusement for each beginner and skilled Move-stitchers!