On a snowy January morning in 1889, a concerned servant hacked open a locked door on the far flung searching resort deep within the Vienna Woods. Inside of, he discovered our bodies sprawled on an ornate mattress, blood oozing from their mouths. Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria-Hungary perceived to have shot his seventeen-12 months-antique mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera as she slept, sat with the corpse for hours and, whilst break of day broke, became the pistol on himself.

A century has reworked this bloody scene into romantic tragedy: famous person-crossed enthusiasts who most popular loss of life in combination than to be parted through a chilly, unfeeling Viennese Courtroom. However Mayerling could also be the tale of circle of relatives secrets and techniques: incestuous relationships and psychological instability; blackmail, venereal illness, and political treason; and a upset, morphine-addicted Crown Prince and a naïve schoolgirl stuck up in a perilous and fatal waltz Inside of a decaying empire. What took place in that locked room continues to be one in all historical past’s so much evocative mysteries: What led Rudolf and mistress to this determined act? Was once it actually a suicide %? Or did one thing way more nerve-racking happen at that far flung searching resort and lead to homicide?

Drawing interviews with participants of the Habsburg circle of relatives and archival assets in Vienna, Greg King and Penny Wilson reconstruct this historic thriller, laying out proof and knowledge lengthy overlooked that conclusively refutes the romantic fable and the conspiracy tales.