On this inspiring, frightening, and out there selection of quick, unique, and vibrant existence tales, Simon Sebag Montefiore—one in all our pre-eminent historians and a prizewinning creator—gifts the enormous characters who’ve modified the direction of worldwide historical past.
Those titans of historical past—encompassing queens, empresses, and actresses, kings, sultans, and conquerors, in addition to prophets, artists, courtesans, psychopaths, and explorers—lived lives of unbelievable drama, braveness and journey, debauchery and slaughter, distinctive feature and crime. The themes vary extensively during time and geography from Buddha and Genghis Khan to Nero and Churchill; from Catherine the Nice and Anne Frank to Toussaint l’Ouverture and Martin Luther King; from Mozart to Mao; from Jesus Christ and Shakespeare to Einstein and Elvis. Via Those lives, Montefiore recounts essentially the most momentous international occasions—from earlier period to the Crusades, the Holocaust, and the Gulf Wars.
Those are the ancient figures that everybody will have to understand and the tales we will have to by no means overlook.