Features uncommon island artefacts

Covers each Indonesian and Timorese textiles and jewelry

Thread and Fireplace is an engaging adventure in the course of the centuries-antique business networks that advanced throughout a gaggle of archipelagos alongside the equator. Of the 18,000 islands, greater than 900 are completely settled via over 360 ethnic teams, talking 700 languages and dialects. For hundreds of years this huge and wealthy atmosphere appreciated native and local exchanges, and it used to be most effective later that folks visited from afar. New connections built-in Those archipelagoes with the far away civilizations of continental Asia: first India, later China and from the thirteenth century onwards, the Islamic international. In spite of everything, with the arriving of Europeans within the early sixteenth century, world business and connections grew abruptly. Spices and woodland & sea merchandise have been the focal point of overseas pursuits, and textiles have been the foreign money for his or her acquisition. Those imported textiles, complemented with embellishes and jewellery, quickly become a part of the area’s social cloth, quintessential pieces of present and trade, very important markers for the indictment of ceremonies, rights of passage and signifiers of rank and status.

Thread and Fireplace explores and illustrates the ones historic connections and traditions via Indonesian and Timorese textiles, regalia and jewellery from the Francisco Capelo assortment, assembled over a 20-yr duration and now a part of the everlasting number of Casa Asia-Colecao Francisco Capelo in Lisbon.