Our thermal atmosphere is as wealthy in cultural institutions as our visible, acoustic, olfactory, and tactile environments. This ebook explores the potential of the usage of thermal characteristics as an expressive component in development layout.

Until slightly just lately, development era and layout has preferred prime-power-eating mechanical strategies of neutralizing the thermal atmosphere. It has Now not spoke back to the quite a lot of ways in which other people use, understand that, and care in regards to the thermal atmosphere and the way they affiliate their thermal experience with their different senses. The fireside fireplace, the sauna, the Roman and Jap baths, and the Islamic lawn are mentioned as archetypes of thermal pride approximately which rituals have advanced―reinforcing bonds of love and rite solid within the thermal enjoy. Now not handiest is thermal symbolism now out of date however the up to date emphasis on relevant heating techniques and air-con and hermetically sealed homes has if truth be told broken our thermal coping and sensing mechanisms. This ebook for the sun age may just lend a hand modification all that and open up for us a brand new size of architectural enjoy.

As the price of power maintains to skyrocket, possible choices to using mechanical drive should be advanced to satisfy our thermal wishes. An enormous selection is using passive solar power, and the ebook will supply the ones concerned with sun layout with a reservoir of concepts.