The whole best possible-promoting Rosario+Vampire collection is now to be had in a price-priced field set! Comprises 24 volumes of tremendous motion, horror, amusing and romance, plus an unique complete-colour mini-comedian prior to now unreleased within the English variants.

Moderate human teenage boy Tsukune by accident enrolls at a boarding college for monsters—no, no longer jocks and widespread children, however bona fide werewolves, witches, and unnameables out of his wildest nightmares! At the plus aspect, the entire women have a monster weigh down on him. Particularly a ways-from-Moderate adorable vampire Moka. At the O-bad aspect, she additionally has a burning, unquenchable thirst for his blood…  Now, can Tsukune and his not going team of buddies and competitors retailer humanity from the evil individuals of monsterkind?