Cutting Matta-Clark: The Anarchitecture Investigation is a detective tale. It relentlessly pursues the mythical However invisible Anarchitecture Workforce display and Gordon Matta-Clark’s celebrated, hyper-visual, but similarly misunderstood construction cuts. Of the entire displays on the fabled 112 Greene Side road house―an epicenter of New York’s downtown artwork scene within the Nineteen Seventies―the Anarchitecture Workforce display of March 1974 is a continuing reference aspect in dialogue, in spite of the virtually entire loss of proof approximately it. It has develop into a foundational fable. Gordon Matta-Clark was once supposedly the ringleader of a longer collection of conferences with fellow artists that operated as one of those collective research seminar difficult all typical understandings of structure. The conferences of this so-referred to as Anarchitecture Workforce culminated within the exhibition as an nameless remark in unlabeled pictures. However did it in fact occur? It exists handiest via indirect archival lines and the conflicting recollections of the individuals. An exceptional file of unpublished archival proof is assembled right here and subjected to ever deeper forensic research―chopping into each the ideas and the cuts to peer what the elusive, mysterious, seductive, but viral phrase Anarchitecture gives us lately.

Contains interviews with Tina Girouard, Jene Highstein, Dickie Landry, Jeffrey Lew, Richard Nonas, Bernard Kirschenbaum and Susan Weil Kirschenbaum.