Frat boys who suppose Mario Lanza is an Italian sports activities automotive; newshounds who imagine “Guy arrested for blowing mucus from nostril at an officer” a information tale . . . Welcome to Bloomington: a global of gray cells and limestone, catfish and cheerleaders, binge ingesting and bigots, Ockham’s razor and buzz cuts. That is the tiny school the city the place Alfred Kinsey catalogued gall wasps ahead of stinging a country into belated sexual consciousness. If you are homosexual or Greek, love opera or hoops, Bloomington is heaven in the world; we’ve got as many comparable-intercourse couples as sorority sisters, as many divas as athletes. Welcome to my house, a quixotic mixture of small-the city lifestyles and bigger than lifestyles campus, squirreled away within the flatlands of Center The usa, the place torpor is every now and then wrong for nirvanic serenity, irony for insult and “ethnographic dazzle” for deep variations.