Because of its large population, one may wonder if there is any way to predict the population of Singapore, since everyone is familiar with this city. Though the traditional population experts have stated that every 5 years, Singapore would see a significant change in its overall population, new research has revealed that the country’s growth can be predicted with relative ease.

population of Singapore

Singapore Population by Age – There are several factors that contribute to the increase of the population in Singapore, namely, immigration, birth, and death. All these contribute to the population of Singapore, which is why a researcher must be able to take into account all the variables.

One of the most reliable methods to determine the general growth rate of the population is the difference between the numbers of the number of people that are known to be at least 65 years old. Based on the trend of the past and present, one can easily figure out the growth rate of the population.

The number of immigrants in the recent past, since that Singapore was a British colony, can also be expected to play a significant role in the increased number of the population in Singapore. For instance, since they have been working here for more than 20 years, more than the average age of the residents, they are automatically considered as part of the population in Singapore. In addition, immigrants are considered as less developed countries, so their number is higher than the national average.

Birth rate has been a factor in determining the growth of the population. As the number of babies increase, the birth rate also increases, and the people will therefore grow in number. Another factor in predicting the growth of the population is the deaths and mortality rates of the people, in which the ratio between the population of men and women, the population of those aged over 65 years, the number of those people, and the number of children they have.

One cannot predict the number of the people of Singapore. Nevertheless, it is estimated that the Singapore population is increasing at a fast rate and that the growth is expected to continue for the next few decades. Therefore, the government of Singapore has realized the need to focus on the present and future needs of the country by providing more resources to the citizens.

Singapore Population by Age – Age is another factor that contributes to the increase of the population in Singapore. Unlike the majority of developed countries, Singapore has a high number of elderly citizens. The typical number of the older generation in Singapore is around 80 million.

Of course, Singapore has another population of young people, but their numbers are usually too small to be considered as the population of Singapore. The role of the young population in shaping the future of the country is yet to be determined.

Singapore Population by Age – To know the general growth of the population in Singapore, one must also take into account the growth of the youth population. In terms of numbers, the teenagers represent a huge portion of the population, who make up almost 60 percent of the total number of the country’s population.

Another factor that contributes to the increase of the population in Singapore is the elderly population. This represents nearly 30 percent of the total population.

Population Growth: Singapore’s population is growing faster than most developed countries. With rapid and continuous economic development, Singapore has seen a lot of changes in its society, allowing it to adapt to more changes in the society.

In fact, the country has built an image of being a developing country, which is a good example for other developing countries as well. The good thing about Singapore is that the population of its younger generation is also in line with the ratio of their numbers in the total population.