Ship Lights have been used as important navigational tools for maritime vehicles over so many years.Lights used in ships are also classified in different types based on their purposes, size and levels of illumination. Every ship has a specific economic life, after which whole of the ship is dismembered and some of the valuable items like furniture, crockeries, lights are carefully procured and sold into secondary market at a high price.

Among these items, ship lights are good for reuse in household, office premises, warehouses, bars and restaurants for a number of reasons:

  1. Built strong:

Ship lights are built heavily with metals like brass or copper in order to sustain through rough sea weather like gusty wind, constant drizzling, sudden incursion by high sea wave. All these poses serious threat for ship lights. Exterior structures of some lights bodies are galvanized with stainless steel so that they don’t get rusted in humid sea weather. This is the key reason behind the long life of lights used in ocean going vessels.

Old Ship Lights

Nautical Wall Lights

  1. Better illumination in the night:

Ship lights are built with advanced technology to have better visibility in vast seas during the night. High level of brightness is a must for early detection of any incoming vessels. This has gained importance due to the increased piracy of ships while passing through the straits, which can be easily avoided if the pirate’s ship could traced while remaining far from the vessel.

  1. Magnificent design with high artistic value:

Ship lights built with eye-catching design and decorated along with gorgeous fitting are now common in cruise ships as seafaring is gaining its popularity day by day. The more a cruise ship is enlightened with regally designed chandeliers, pendant lights, passenger lights; the more it is able to attract luxurious customer and earn their satisfaction. Later, these high networthy sea farers purchases these elegant looking high quality ship lights salvaged from retired vessels for their personal use. Households, office premises, restaurants and bars decorated with luxurious ship lights are sure to have strong positive impression on the others.

Ship Lights from Bangladesh

Authentic Ship Light

  1. Touch the emotion and fascination of veteran sailor or seafarer:

Ship lights have a special meaning to a veteran sailors or a person loving to cruise through the ships for amusement. They may be got emotional and remind the past pleasing memories of seafaring when they come across ship lights. That’s why they remain in touch with it forever. Antique Shop