Hason Raja Hason Raja known as Dewan, and he was a Bengali poet, philosopher and mystic folk song writer and composer. He gained international recognition years after his death, mentioned as a Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore in his lectures at Oxford University. Tagore said: “We recognize the love and admiration for the hope that is beyond reality, beyond our own lives is in an infinite time in which we all live people thrown.

” And “It is a village in West Bengal poet in a song of the philosophical doctrine preaches that the universe has its reality in their relationship with the person. ” Hason Raja was the son of Dewan Ali Raja who was a direct descendant of the Hindu king Raja Birendraram Singhdev (later converted to Islam converted and became known as Raja Babu Khan). fifth and last marriage was the 1853rd with Raja Ali Hurmuth Jahan Bibi, who was the mother of Dewan Hason Raja Dewan Hason Raja Choudhury was born 21st December 1854 in the village Lakkansree, which is now part of the city municipal Sunamgonj Sylhet Division.

As a child he lived with his mother in Sunamganj when mother Humuth Jahan Bibi was a child, had been found within the network of protected persons in the service of his domination of the earth. Hason Raja during the age of six /​seven years ago his father Dewan Ali Raja live away from his son and his wife live in the Rampasha Bishwanath (southeast corner) to monitor 33 miles Sunamganj for seven or eight months of the year and to manage their money their parents and the other three months to four years, he used to live with them.  The death of the elder brother Ubeydur Hason Raja, followed by the death of his father Ali Raja (about 40 days in BPA) are the power and the responsibility for the whole family at a very early age Hason.

It has. A beginning of their religious activities and the life of an “Ashason rajacetic King” Despite its privileged financial education Hason is credited with the creation of a number of religious schools and mosques, temples and churches and is very busy with charitable activities within their community immediately. Dewan Hason Raja donated land important to the welfare of people. Hason Raja was more interested in the welfare and protection of birds and animals. He spent much of his money in this life. The 12th June 1897, a major earthquake rocked the place in Assam and Sylhet area. The largest earthquake known Indian interpolated to 8.8 on the Richter scale caused the destruction of the structure in most of the plateau and its surroundings and caused widespread liquefaction and flooding in the floodplains of the Brahmaputra and Sylhet. Hason Raja discovered that many. Kins and his family, and their wounded and dead His thatched house was completely damaged. At the age of 43 who have lost a variety of birds and their pets. The earthquake has a big impact on your mind, life, philosophy, and music choice. This gave him the air of the short duration of his life in a deeper understanding.

“They say my house is not good
What can I do at home in a vacuum?
Could remain in a better house, how long?
In the mirror I see my hair turned gray.
Hason Raja and makes no house and door
Instead of crying when Allah keeps the bait
If Hason Raja been aware of where they live
Would be nice castle and the building “be
Hason Raja died in 1922, several years before his contribution to the poetry of Bengal was mentioned in lectures at Oxford University by Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore in 1930.
Two museums have created in his name in two places. It is Hason Raja Museum “Hason Raja Museum Trust” in his sponsored Birthpalce Lahhansree, Sunamganj shows a number of souvenirs for visitors in the days and another, namely, Museum of Rajas Raja “- Kunjo, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Hason Raja where many historical objects are displayed. Sponsor of this spectacular Museum of Rajas ‘is’ teacher Dewan Raja Talibur confidence “