Mascara is a beauty drug. It’s like some kind of pep up, especially to women who wear makeup almost everyday. However, for some women, the average amount of time it takes to see dramatic results with mascara is ten minutes.

Most often, the problem is mascara that clumps up and irritates the eyes. A mascara remover, if used regularly, can eliminate this unpleasant condition and even get rid of dark eye circles.

You don’t have to buy a whole new set of products when you begin to notice problems with your eyelashes. One simple product that you can try at home is eye shadow.

Lighten dark circles by applying several drops of eye shadow on each eye. Apply them around the eyes and blend them well. Apply mascara and then repeat until you get a beautiful full, natural-looking lash.

After, apply lash style. Choose a number of shades for a dramatic look. Once the hair is done, apply a thin line of mascara.

In order to avoid clumping of mascara, wrap a tissue in paper or foil and hold it at an angle to keep it away from the lashes. Sometimes, eyelash glue is added to mascara. Even though it will stick to your eyelashes, be careful not to let it touch the lower lashes because it could clump and make it difficult to remove.

When you are done removing the mascara, clean the lashes. Most mascara removers contain cleansers that are used to remove mascara from the eyelashes. However, you should only use cleansers for light-colored lashes and gels for dark-colored ones.

Make sure to remove all the water from the lashes so they look longer and fuller. This is especially true if the lashes are too long and droopy. Brushing the lashes is a great way to remove excess water.

Some women brush their lashes for ten to twenty minutes to make them longer and thicker. It helps them retain the volume. You can also leave the mascara on the lashes, while they are still wet and use a beauty product that can instantly dry the lashes out.

If you want to remove mascara easier, you can try using Lashlick. It is a clear liquid eyeliner with 5 hours of wear time. It can be used alone or to add drama to your eyes.

You can also use it as a primer for removing makeup to hide any unwanted body marks left by blushes. There are several makeup applicators that can be used to apply some type of mascara. Simply apply the applicator to the lashes, push the wand forward and push the product into the lashes and keep pushing to coat them completely.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to create an instant beauty look or to hide some body marks, applying a mixture of mascara and eye shadow will add an extra layer of volume. You can choose from a variety of colors, all of which can be applied and removed by your choice of brush or finger.

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