Install BANGLA FONT for Website – Many websites use Bangla text without converting into unicode. If the website does not embedded bangla font .eot method then the user can not read Bangla text properly. If developer use .eot method to embed Bangla font, then the browser will pool the font from the web server when users’ computer does not available such a font. It is good practice to use .eot system for font embeding then install font by the visitor.

Sabrena tonny mj font download to read NCTB book, National Curriculum & Textbook Board Bangladesh used this Sabrena tonny mj unicode font for text book. You cannot read text book properly with Sarena Tonny MJ font.

Alternatively the user can easily install Bangla font tonnybanglamj to read Bangla text.

(unzip zip file then upload to your font folder)

 Sabrena Tonny mj

How to install Bangla font to computer?

For Microsoft Windows XP


Installation Instruction:

1. Download & save the font in your PC.

2. Copy the file. ( Select the file and Press Ctrl+C)

3. Paste the file in Fonts folder. To do so, (Start >Control Panel>Font) open ‘Control Panel’ from ‘Start Menu’. switch to Classic view and Open the ‘Fonts’ folder. Now to paste the file by any of the following ways:

a. Press Ctrl+V, or

b. Click ‘Paste’ icon

c. From ‘Edit’ menu choose ‘Paste’

Control Panel to install font

You can install Unicode Bangla Avro keyboard to type Bangla into web application.
Now most of the websites using unicode Bangla font that is readable from any computer if Bangla keyboard already installed there.