Politics of the Australia

Australian Politics Definition and US Politics Explanation

The United States is not unique in its history when it comes to politics. The UK politics had a lot of political parties and the idea of free elections has been among the major factors which allowed politics in these countries to flourish.

However, the United States has never allowed the Congress to be divided by party lines. Nor have any other countries. In fact, when Americans were talking about the possible political change in the country, they were referring to the political parties and that there was no place for public opinion.

The very term “political parties” is a recent phenomenon in America. Back in the nineteenth century, there were many who argued that there should be a clear party system, where there would be an opposition or a center-right and a center-left, which would be in conflict with the right and left.

Thus, in a number of United States, there was much attention given to the issues of the political parties. It is only in the recent years that the matter of parties has become more prominent.

In Australia, politics is clearly defined by the two main political parties in the country. They have maintained their official status since 1901. This is the reason why there is much interest in the Australian politics.

However, many political parties from around the world have also started using the terms “centrist”, “progressive”, “libertarian” and similar words to define their policy positions. It is possible that the current Australian government is also in discussion about changing the name of their major parties. But so far, no such statement has been made.

In the present era, people are becoming more politically aware, and politics definitions are also evolving. One could call Australia’s political parties as “comfortable” rather than as “traditional”. This is actually the case in the UK and in many other European countries as well.

In fact, some political parties in Australia also use different terms and phrasing for their policies, rather than adopting the old method of stating one’s policy positions. But the term “major party” is still widely used in the Australian context.

The 1992 election in Australia is a highly important event in this context. After this, the Liberal Party had no problem in defining its policy. However, the conservative party and the Labor Party followed a different approach.

In the UK, the two main political parties have always expressed themselves with the same agenda. In fact, the progressive party is much stricter than the others. Similarly, the British political parties have adopted the terminology of progressive, liberal and traditional parties.

The British political parties were gradually moving towards the centre, which helped them to define themselves, but at the same time, they also spoke of the traditional parties. Political parties are not yet, the sole determinant of the direction of an election, although they are considered to be important.

When it comes to the US, the political parties do not take as much of a lead as in other countries. A number of people in the US claim that there is a great difference between the actual democratic system of electing people to the government and the way elections are conducted in Australia and the UK. Nevertheless, the general view among political observers is that neither Australia nor the UK are far behind.