In any type of business or enterprise, the importance of effective communication cannot be underestimated and it’s correct to assume that it contributes directly to the success of the business. Without proper communication within a business, co-ordination of activities becomes impossible and thus slows or hinders the process of production. These tips for text messaging helps to grow your business with effective communication with future customers.

Tips for Text Messaging

The emergence of the internet has quickly wiped the traditional postal mails which for decades were the preferred mode of communication. The internet gives a provision for emails and these have quickly rose to become almost the de facto mode of communication nowadays by every other business; but emails can also be slow and thus many businesses have shifted to a more efficient means of sending messages across their organization known as business text messaging.


One of the factors that have made business text messaging so popular lately is that almost every person has a mobile gadget and unlike computers phones are easily portable thus making it easier to deliver a message instantly as many people carry their devices everywhere they go. Thus, if you are the boss and you want to summon your team for a meeting it makes the process easier and very effective.


Another huge competitive advantage that business text messaging has over email or other means of business communication is that it’s real-time. The ability of mobile gadgets and smart phones to send notifications and alert you whenever you get a new message allows for real-time delivery of messages thus easing communication.


Thus, incorporating business text messaging in your organization not only gives you competitive advantage but also ensures efficiency. But as much as they are effective, text messages can be very sensitive when used inappropriately. Below are 5 tips for text messaging  to help you effectively implement business text messaging to help you achieve optimum results;


Tips for text messaging

I. Use the right language

When sending a business text message, remember to use the right official language and not to address your clients or employees like your friends. Using proper correct English is one of the ways of using the right language in business text messaging.

II. Proper timing is crucial

This means that you cannot send a business text message in the middle of the night because its not just rude but your message will be ineffective. A business text message is not a social conversation so keep your timing within the stipulated business hours whenever necessary.

III. Make your business text brief and keep it targeted:

Think about it; the reason you chose to write a text message over an email is because you wanted to deliver some fast information in the simplest manner so stick to the rules and keep it short and to the point.

IV. Use catchy attention grabbing phrases:

Words like ‘OFFER’, ‘DISCOUNT’, etc should be the first thing someone sees when they open your text message. These are emotional triggers that will prompt the person to read your text message further increasing the effectiveness of your message.

V. Always incorporate a call-to-action

Tips for Text messaging

At the end of your text message, ask a question or put something that will prompt your recipient to take action. This may include calling you back or following a certain process that you want them to. This is one of the least implemented but most effective tricks in business text messaging.

You can get ideas from these tips for text messaging but not limited. you can use your own creativity by considering audiences age, education, location and others.

Business text messaging, as we have seen is one of the most effective means of communication within an organization as it can help systematize the operations within your enterprise at a very affordable, simple and effective manner.

With the incorporation of text messaging in your business you will experience a major boost in the collaboration between departments, or you can even opt to use mass business text messaging to reach out to thousands of your prospective clients. Whichever you choose, these tips for text messaging above will always come in handy and you’ll notice the difference and take your venture a step further forward!