Flowers of Bangladesh

We love flowers for its beauty. There are many flowers in Bangladesh. It is called land of flowers. Many kinds of flowers bloom in Bangladesh all the year round. Flowers are available in every district of Bangladesh. There are different kinds of flowers in Bangladesh. Flowers are different in size, shape, color and smell.

Name of Flowers of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi flowers are Lily (Shapla), Krishnachura, Palash, Silk Cotton (Shrimul), Champa (Chapa), China Rose (Joba), Bela (Beli), Marigold (Ganda), Rose (Golap), Bakul, Night-Queen (Hasna Hena), Jasmine (Jui), Foolfoot (Tagar), Sunflower (Surjamukhi), Gardenia (Gandharaj), Night-Jasmine (Shefali), Kadam, Kalmi and more..


The rose is the best of all flowers. Rose is called the queen of flowers. Everybody likes rose for its sweet scent & beauty.

Colorful Flowers of Bangladesh

Colorful flowers bloom in the season of spring. Spring flower are Krishnachura, Palash, Shrimul and Champa.

Bangladeshi Flowers Picture


Seasonal Flowers of Bangladesh

The Sheoli flower is the flower of autumn. Sheoli size is small but its white color looks very charming. Marigold is the flower of winter season. Marigold color is yellow and golden. Its looks very beautiful.

Night Flowers Bangladesh

There are some flowers blooms at night. Rajanigandha is called the queen of night. The Gandharaj, the Bakul and the Jui bloom at night also. Night flowers spread sweet scent on air at night.

Flower as National Symbol

Shapla is the national flower of Bangladesh. Shapla bloom in water. Lotus and Kalmi flowers also bloom in the watery places.

Many Flowers are cultivated in Bangladesh commercially in Savar – Dhaka, Jessore, Sirajgonj, Barisal, Rajshahi, Sylhet and other districts of Bangladesh.

Flowers are mostly using to receive someone, offer gratitude, decorate marriage ceremony and other parties. Nobody can think any party without beauty of flowers in Bangladesh.

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