FBCCI election 2015-17 results

FBCCI election 2015-17 results :  Unnayan Parishad, drove by Nitol Niloy Group Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad, has pressed away 12 out of 16 Directors posts from the chamber assembling in the election to the Chamber Group of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) on May 23, 2015 as FBCCI election 2015-17.

Shadhinota Babosayee Parishad, drove by tenant First VP Monowara Hakim Ali, has sacked the rest four posts of Directors from the chamber group.

This triumph has place Matlub in an in number position to win the FBCCI election to the country’s pinnacle trade body.

Md Aminul Hoque Shamim, representing Mymensingh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, sacked the most surprising 335 votes contesting the election under the umbrella of Unnayan Parishad.

Other picked boss from the Unnayan Parishad board were: Dfbcci electionilip Kumar Agarwala (318 votes) of Chuadanga Chamber, Gazi Golam Ashria (312) of Kishoreganj Chamber, Sheik Fazle Fahim (296) of Gopalganj Chamber, Md Nizam Uddin (295) of Barisal Metropolitan Chamber, Prabir Kumar Saha (285) of Narsingdi Chamber, Nurul Huda Mukut (264) of Sunamganj Chamber, Hasina Newaaz (255) of Bangladesh Women Chamber, Nazibul Islam Dipu (249) of Meherpur Chamber, Bazlur Rahman (240) of Narayanganj Chamber, Mohammad Anwar Sadat Sarker (239) of Gazipur Chamber, and Md Rezaul Karim Reznu (213) of Jamalpur Chamber.

The picked administrators from Shadhinota Babosayee Parishad were: Monowara (293 votes) of Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Masud Parvez Khan (246) of Comilla Chamber and Tobarakul Tosaddek Hossain Khan Tito (236) of Manikganj Chamber.

Md Kohinoor Islam of Munshiganj Chamber and Md Masud, both contesting the elections from Shadhinota Babosayee Parishad, tied with 205 votes. Their votes would be checked again to pick the last champ, as showed by the FBCCI election commission.

The election started at 10:00am at the FBCCI manufacturing in the capital and continued until 5:00pm without a break. The voter turnout was 88.47 percent. The counting started at 7:00pm.

This year, 63 contenders contest the election. Of them, 30 contended from the chamber of commerce and the rest from the connection bundle.

As indicated by rules, each voter can cast 32 votes to pick 16 boss from each social affair.

Regardless, 10 boss from driving chambers and another 10 administrators from driving affiliations have starting now been assigned as officials of the FBCCI as per standards.

The amount of honest to goodness voters from the chamber social occasion was 436. Of them, 418 honed their rights.

Of the 1,768 voters from the association assemble, 1,532 turned up and voted.

The picked boss and the named ones will pick president, first VP and VP for molding the 52-section official board of the FBCCI on May 24, 2015.

As indicated by principles, the president and vice president would be picked from the chamber group, and the first vice president from the alliance bundle.

Three panels contested in the election.

Just, Matlub Ahmad, a presidential contender, reported a full board including 16 hopefuls from affiliations and 16 from chambers.

Syed Moazzam Hossain, Kazi Ertaza Hassan and Shafquat Haider together proclaimed a board from chambers.

Lawmaker  M Ali Ashraf conducted the poll for 2015-16 and 2016-17 as election justice.

The final results will be announced on May 28, 2015

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