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Ex Teacher Porimol Joydhor gets life term sentence for raping Viqarunnisa student

Ex Teacher of Viqarunnisa Noon School Porimol Joydhor, was sentenced to life term imprisonment for raping a class-X student in 2011. Judge Saleh Uddin of Special Tribunal-4 under Women & Children Repression Prevention court also fined him Tk 50,000, in default to serve 6 months more in jail. Porimol Joydhor aTeacher of Viqarunnisa Noon School  Rape 15 years old girl Student  of VNS in his couaching. Viqarunnisa Noon School student father filed the case against suspended teacher Porimol Joydhor, former principal Husne Ara Begum and chief of the school’s Bashundhara branch Lutfur Rahman on July 5, 2011. According to the case statement, Porimol Joydhor, a Bangla teacher, violated the student at his coaching centre in the Badda area of Dhaka two times. Husne Ara and Lutfur Rahma were discharged by the court during the charge hearing. The 59-year-old Viqarunnisa Noon School plunged into trouble after the incident which sparked protests among students and guardians. On November 10, 2015, Judge Saleh Uddin fixed vardict date on November 25, 2015  after hearing on that day. Allegations are, Parimal sexually assaulted one of his students 2 times in his Badda coaching centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2011. The Bangla teacher Parimal was fired in July 5, 2011 in face of street protests by students and gardians. The Viqarunnisa Noon School student family sued him on July 5 2011, alleging rape and added that the former school branch in-charge Lutfur Rahman and Husne Ara of trying to cover up the rape incident. Parilam arrested within a day after the case, the teacher later confessed of raping the Viqarunnisa Noon School student before a court on July 11 , 2011. Rape news of Viqarunnisa...

Tips for students to go Japan for study.

Note: Most airlines/airports don’t enable liquid over a hundred cubic centimetre in baggage (carry-on luggage). So, toothpaste, toiletry, fragrance bottles over a hundred cubic centimetre ought to be carried in larger baggage which is able to be checked certain carrier. * all sorts of spices (as very much like you can). However, please note that there’ll be checking at Japan flying field. * Common medicines (paracetamol, histacin, incidal, amodis, flagyl, Oracin K, Savlon cream/liquid etc) smart amount. If you utilize the other special medicines, then bring those conjointly sufficiently. * If you (or your spouse/other relations concomitant you; if any) wear glasses, then you want to bring one combine further. * throughout winter season, the temperature typically goes below phase change. So, bring winter cloths the maximum amount as you’ll be able to. In winter there ar snow falls and rains. thus you ought to bring waterproof thick jacket to be used in snow, long jungs, thick socks, sweaters etc. These ar on the market here however terribly pricey (10 times at least). It rains virtually throughout the year in Japan. So, it’s counseled to stay one waterproof. * No have to be compelled to bring bedding etc. it’ll provide you with unneeded troubles. Rather, you’ll be able to bring a sheet. * For your faculty member you’ll be able to bring gifts. sometimes in an exceedingly laboratory, you may realize the faculty member, Assoc. Professor, analysis Associate and a laboratory technician. thus you’ll be able to take into account them. ancient Bangladeshi handicrafts ar an honest alternative. However, you want to conjointly take into account that things aren’t...

International MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY 21 February

21 February is the International Mother Language Day in the world. The event began being observed from 21 February 2000 throughout the world to commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed their lives on this day in Dhaka in 1952. International Mother Language Day International Mother Language Day was introduced by the UNESCO in recognition of the sanctity and preservation of all vernacular The background to the proclamation of the International Mother Language Day was a proposal from Bangladesh at the UNESCO General Conference in Paris on 17 November 1999 to declare 21 February as an international day on the ground that on this day many had sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue. It was argued that, since the languages of the world are at the very heart of UNESCO’s objectives and since they are the most powerful instruments for preserving and developing the tangible and intangible heritage of nations and nationalities, the recognition of this day would serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education but also to develop a fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire international solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue. The Paris Conference was convinced that one of the most effective ways to promote and develop mother tongues was the establishment of an International Mother Language Day throughout the world with a view to organising various activities in the member states and a language exhibition at UNESCO Headquarters on the same day. The day the Conference chose for the purpose was 21 February. This was, indeed, in appreciation and recognition of the unprecedented sacrifice made by...

Tourism must be part of trade talks for the benefit of poor countries

Tourism needs to be put firmly on the agenda of current international trade talks as a means to creating jobs and boosting the income of the world’s poorer nations. The revolutionary growth of air travel since 1950s is a major factor in the development of tourism industry. Air travel has now become wide spread and easy. So, people of different countries with disposable income, are coming out in large number to see the world. According to estimate of UNWTO tourism has registered an annual growth of 6.5 per cent between 1950 and 2007. The number of international arrivals in 2007 reached 898 million. The number would increase to 1.6 billion in 2020, according to forecast. The growth in Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East would be more than the world average–5.9 per cent, 5.7 per cent and 5.2 per cent respectively. It is expected that in current 2008 world travel and tourism will generate an income of 8 trillion US dollars. In next 10 years the size of income would increase to 15 trillion US dollars. In addition to this, by 2018 tourism industry would provide employment to 297 million people and contribute 10.5 per cent to global GDP. The income that is generating from current global tourism boom is providing opportunity for increasing national income. And most of the countries of the world irrespective of their level of economic development are active in drawing benefit out of it. Industralised countries in Europe and America as well as conservative Muslim countries in Middle East are among them. Removing the remaining trade barriers in tourism, a sector which is...

Role of zoos in wildlife conservation

KEEPING animals in zoo for public recreation is an age old concept .In the last few centuries many zoos have been established around the world as a refuge for the captured wild animals mainly for giving people pleasure. However, rather some new zoos are being set up with a view to promoting care of people for wild animals, reproduction of endangered species and increasing the scope of research on wild animals. Management in zoo For proper management of wildlife irrespective of captivity or in-situ condition knowledge from three distinct disciplines are very essential — population or community ecology, ethology and systematics. Food and nutrition: Feeding habit and providing sufficient nutrition are two basic points for selecting food items. Freshness of food is especially important for herbivorous animals. Sufficient amount of fresh water supply also has to be ensured .In zoos of developing countries the staffs of food supply units usually buy substandard food and save money for themselves. Breeding: In zoo there should be reproductive facilities for most animals excluding only those who do not breed in artificial system. Artificial breeding capacity is one of the major sticking features of modern zoos. When there is sufficient autecological data along with its lifecycle and Ethology for a certain animal it is not impossible to manage its reproductive healthcare. Many animals, most mammals, reproduce naturally in the zoo. Natality and survival of offsprings in a zoo is good indicator of its over all management success. Treatment: Medical treatment facility is an essential part of the zoo system. Treatment of ailing animals is of great concern for these days’ zoos because incidence...

How to make a woman Smile ?

Every woman likes to hear from a man that she is attractive. When you get chance tell the woman, she is beauty to make the woman smile. Off course you love the woman, the girl also knows, you must tell woman, “I love you” daily.To see here girl smile face, smoothly touch her and hold her hand for a while. Make eye to eye contact for few seconds and see how the girl smile. Send a message to the girl with good wishing. Do not miss any special day or occasion’s message. The woman will smile surely. To see the girl smile mood, tell your girlfriend how she is important to you and you cannot live without her. To make a woman smile, Laugh with the woman for any small thing around both of you. If you know about the girl ‘s achievements, recognize it and express your pleasure loudly. See woman smile face as you are the only man who does it at first. If the woman is upset with an odd situation, share her sorrow and tell her you also share her sadness. Any woman smile and feel happy. Try to write a poem for the woman or you can sing for girl. Do not mention any girl name or don’t praise to any woman infront of your girlfriend. Remember her Date of Birth and wish your girl friend in the first hour and it makes woman smile. Gift is effective like tonic to make woman smile, bring a gift for the woman in a special day or at least flower for the girl. When you are...

It’s time for VoIP phony in Bangladesh

VoIP is a frequently pronounced and heard term in Bangladesh since January 2007. One may be surprised thinking that Bangladesh progresses in this high technology. But the matter is not like that. The matter is that VoIP business is an illegal business in Bangladesh. Many people were arrested and punished a lot for involving with this business. Their equipments were also destroyed. The scenes were broadcasted and news was published with the high importance in the newspaper. As a result the term emerged here with a negative image. But government and media did not have proper knowledge on VoIP technology. If they have the proper knowledge government could not mix the high tech VoIP activities with the anti corruption drive and media could not broadcast those with the similar leveling them with thieves, corrupts and serious criminals. Good news is that government now conceives a positive image on VoIP. Few months back the activities were illegal one and now it is going to be a legal work. Can’t those legal from the beginning? Better late than never, we can hope now that this sector will boost in our country soon and people will get benefits. The development in VoIP is very fast too. VoIP is implemented in mobile phone too. So mobile operators can adopt this technology and can provide the service at the lowest cost. What is VoIP The elaboration of VoIP is Voice-over-Internet protocol. Today it is also called as IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband, broadband telephony and broadband phone. This technology is known as zero one (0/1) technology too. VoIP is a protocol optimized...

Cane Furniture – Outstandingly Bangladeshi

Cane furniture, known locally as ‘bet furniture’, are mostly trailing or climbing palms with characteristic scaly fruits of the Arecaceae family (Palmae). The fruits are covered by vertical rows of reflexed overlapping scales. The scales are grooved along the midline. Cane grows in humid climate of Bangladesh and in the areas extending from equatorial Africa India and South China to Queensland and Fiji , and from sea level to 300 m altitude. Canes begin both by vegetative means and seeds. Suckers are planted for vegetative generation. For seed creation seedlings are brought up in nurseries and after that planted in fields. The meaty mash of the seed is initially evacuated and after that the seeds are sown in seedbeds where they sprout inside of a couple of weeks. At the point when the seedlings accomplish a stature of around one meter, they are planted in fields amid the storm season. By two-three years seedlings develop to the measure of a cluster. Inside of seven-eight years the stick is prepared for gathering. By and large, no concentrated administration is needed. Watering system, if needed, and preparation are done at an early phase of manor. Cane Furniture          The household life in Bangladesh is marked by diverse use of Cane Furniture . Cane Furniture  is useful in building traditional houses and is used to manufacture goods of utility and in making assorted fancy articles of house decoration. Women in some regions are better in canework. However, both men and women earn their living from making cane furniture and other cane products. Normally, cane takes great shape in 2 to 3 years...

Bhasani Novo Theatre of Dhaka

Bhasani Novo Theatre, located near Bijoy Sarani of Dhaka is the country’s only planetarium to present a celestial show of stars, planets and other heavenly objects of in virtual reality. This dome-shaped theatre with latest technological equipment enables visitors to soar into the space as well as experience the thrills of an inter-planetary journey in a three dimensional environment. Bhasani Novo Theatre, constructed on 22.96 thousand square metres of land at a cost Tk 123 crore, was inaugurated on September 25, 2004. The project was taken up in May, 1997. The Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology established the theatre as a non-formal science education centre to inculcate positive scientific temperament in the minds of people, especially among the students. The unique architecture of Novo Theatre with light blue metallic dome easily draws attention of the passers-by. The imposing structure of the planetarium stands on 14 free height Roman columns, seven on each side, at the entrance. The images of the columns are reflected on the three fountains in front of the planetarium. A four-storey administrative block is located at the back of the theatre. The prime objective of the project is to attract the youths, particularly the students, to planetary studies. Computer fairs, space fairs, Internet fairs, seminars, meetings, scientific workshops etc. are being organised here regularly since its inception. These events are helping build up an educated and science-oriented nation. Inside the Planetarium a very exciting Ride Simulator, model of the planets of Solar System, scientific exhibits and portraits of world-renowned scientists and scholars can be seen. It also contains audio-video units, a 150-seated auditorium,...

Banarasi Shari in Banarasi Palli handloom heritage of Bangladesh

The traditional but elegant Banarasi Shari have long been a proud possession of almost any woman’s wardrobe. Marriages in Bangladesh are unthinkable without Benarasi sarees. This wedding attire brings to mind gorgeous sarees studded with motifs of gold adding grace to the radiant bride. The Benarasi sarees have been immensely popular among women since the Mughal era when all art was amalgamated to create a fusion of aesthetics. The textiles of Bangladesh are made by simple handlooms, can be traced to the same roots and intricately linked with our history. Fine ‘Muslin’ fabrics of what is now Bangladesh created a stir in those days. Though the English colonialists tried to uproot the makers of ‘Muslin,’ going to the extent of cutting the index fingers of the artisans, the ancient craft of weaving has been passed down from one generation to the next has become the livelihood of thousands of weavers in Bangladesh. The end products, the textiles including the Benarasi sarees, have reached the most sophisticated niches of the market, both home and abroad. Thus, this age-old traditional attire has carved out its own place in contemporary lifestyles. They bring into the present, the treasures of the past, and the Benarasi sarees, also a formal wear, as popular as ever. This art revived soon after partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 when few non-Bengali people of Benaras, presently Varanasi, a well-known city of India, came to Mirpur area of Dhaka and began again to make Benarasi sarees. Later more people became involved with this handloom industry and it spread, and the whole area came to be known as Mirpur...
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