Frozen younger|more youthful} coconut water extracted hours after harvest from natural|herbal} “nam hom” coconuts in Thailand.
one hundred|100}% natural|herbal}, unmarried|single} supply|provide}, no longer|no longer|now not} from pay attention|listen|concentrate}. No preservatives or sugar introduced|introduced|presented|{delivered|introduced|added}}.
Dealing with|Dealing with|Dealing with|Handling} Directions|Instructions}: Product has a 90 day refrigerated shelf existence|existence|lifestyles|existence|life} unopened. As soon as|Once} opened, retailer|store} refrigerated and eat|eat}|eat}} inside|inside|within} 7 days.
Product ships and retail outlets|shops|retail outlets} frozen for optimum|for maximum|for maximum} style|taste} and nutrients|nutrients|nutrients}. Product must|must|will have to} arrive frozen on the other hand|alternatively|however|then again} it will|it is going to|it will|it is going to|it must}|it’s going to} arrive in part|partly|partially} defrosted — please notice|understand|take a look at|phrase|have in mind} that there’s a|that there is a} 90 day refrigerated shelf existence|existence|lifestyles|existence|life} so it’s|it is} completely|utterly} nice|great|incredible|efficient|very good|beneficial|sure|fine quality|top of the range|superb|super} to eat|eat}|eat}}.