Your little animal fanatics will love listening to the superb artwork of Eric Carle come alive! This sound e-book comprises 30 animal themed sound buttons to press and fascinating creatures on every web page making Hear Endure Roar an incredible and interactive journey!

This sound e-book is unique as a result of:

  • Hands on interplay engages younger readers
  • Connecting phrases with footage builds vocabulary
  • Multisensory studying stories stimulate the imaginations of younger readers
  • Features the superb artwork of Eric Carle, author and illustrator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Includes an incredible quantity of animals: grizzly Endure, deer, fox, wolf, dolphin, lobster, wale, blue jay, bee, owl, seagull, bat, spider, woodpecker, monkey, leopard, goat, eagle, polar Endure, penguin, walrus, seal, buffalo, horse, elephant, snake, lion, prairie canine, mouse, and a brown bear