“White” isn’t a e book approximately colours. It’s somewhat Kenya Haras try to discover the essence of “White”, which he sees as being carefully associated with the foundation of Eastern aesthetics – symbolizing simplicity and subtlety. The crucial ideas mentioned by means of Kenya Hara on this newsletter are vacancy and absolutely the void. Kenya Hara additionally sees his paintings as a dressmaker as a type of verbal exchange. Excellent verbal exchange has the honour of with the ability to pay attention to one another, somewhat than to press one’s opinion onto the opponent. Kenya Hara compares this type of verbal exchange with an “empty box”. In visible verbal exchange, there are similarly indications whose signification is restricted, in addition to indications or symbols such because the go or the pink circle at the Eastern flag, which – like an “empty box” – allow each signification and don’t restrict creativeness. Now not on my own the truth that the Eastern personality for white bureaucracy a thorough of the nature for vacancy has precipitated him the carefully affiliate the colour white with vacancy.