Download the fabric from or simply experiment QR code at the seventh image.

1>.Set up circuit

1.1 Set up metal movie resistor, DIP-8P IC socket, Self-Locking transfer, Potentiometer, S8550, Capacitor, Pink LED on PCB in step with mark on PCB

1.2 Set up Mecanum wheel

The give a boost to bolts of the caster are inserted into the outlet, tighten the nuts screwed into the caster, and in any case have compatibility the caster and tighten.

1.3 Set up photoresistor and white LED on PCB reverse

1.4 Set up battery case

1.5 Testing

Install 2pcs AA battery

Press on transfer.If 2pcs white LED ON, the install is a hit.If LED off, please Test the welding.

2>.Set up mechanical parts

2.1 Set up the 4 gaskets at the circuit board

2.2 Insert a metal shaft from the middle hollow of the wheel and be aware that the path is inserted from one facet of the raised sleeve of the wheel. It’s higher to insert the metal shaft parallel to the sleek facet of the wheel

2.3 Placed a 3-manner sleeve into the metal shaft, just about the wheel, after which a gasket into the metal shaft, just about the 3-manner sleeve, put in in Position, toggle 3-manner sleeve, will have to be versatile. 

2.4 Position a tools into the metal shaft within the heart of the metal shaft

2.5 Placed a 3-axis sleeve into the top of the metal shaft in order that the automobile facet of the wheel meeting to complete

2.6 Set up Motor

3>. Testing

  3.1 Energy on.Test S8550 or 10ohm resistor if motor do not move

  3.2 Set up LM393