Brushes will also be|can be|can be|can be} ‘scrubbed’ backward and forward|back and forth|back and forth} in a broom|a brush} bathtub|bath|bath} to take away|to remove} and save you|prevent} deeply imbedded paint building up|build up|building up}
Remember that|Take into account that|Take into account that|Needless to say|Take into account that|Remember the fact that}, blank|blank}} brushes last more|last longer}
Vinyl coating is impervious to thinner but|however} protects brushes
Made in keeping with|in keeping with|in step with|in step with|in line with} actual|actual|precise} specs|specifications} for Bob Ross’s rainy|rainy}}-on-rainy|rainy}} method|means|technique}, so that you can|so as to|so as to|as a way to|as a way to|so to|in an effort to|as a way to} succeed in|achieve|succeed in} excellent|superb|very good} predictable effects|results}
Very best|Highest|Best|Very best} conceivable|Easiest|Best|Easiest} solution to|strategy to|strategy to|method to|solution to|approach to|method to} blank|blank}} brushes completely|utterly|utterly}