While studious Nariyuki tutors supergeniuses who’re general dunces of their favourite topics, he’ll get a crash direction in love!

Nariyuki Yuiga comes from an impoverished circle of relatives, so he’s desperate to safe a whole scholarship to school ahead of he graduates highschool. His major is of the same opinion, with one stipulation—he will have to show {the the 2} smartest ladies in school and ensure they get into their goal faculties!

It’s time for the varsity pageant, and that implies scrumptious meals, wonderful performances and wonderful cosplay! However wait—why is Mafuyu Kirisu dressed in a dressing up too? Isn’t she a trainer? And did Fumino Furuhashi in point of fact kiss any individual as a part of a play?! This 12 months’s pageant goes to show everybody a few risqué lesson in love!