‘You’ll by no means take an excessive amount of care over the number of your footwear. Too many ladies assume that they’re unimportant, however the however the actual evidence of a chic lady is what’s on her toes.’ – Christian Dior

There is an indefinable magic, mystique and fascination approximately top-heeled footwear that defies all figuring out or common sense. How are you able to give an explanation for that the straightforward act of pointing your ft and lightly slipping them into a couple of towering heels can also be the sort of robust enjoy bodily, psychologically and emotionally? As British Vogue has charted over the past hundred years, by means of moving into a couple of heels, a girl’s character is right away remodeled.

Divided into the types of Fancy Footwork, Enduring Classics, Step Up and Rainbow Heels, British Vogue’s archive of favor pictures has been plundered to show off essentially the most stunning, memorable, rule-breaking and development-surroundings heels to be photographed in its one hundred-yr historical past.