57 antique receipts. Such a lot are pictured on the back and front quilt of the guide. A number of the antique receipts are clean and not using a writing on them. 

1800’s and early 1900’s, a few are British, French, and American receipts

These are clean at the again, various in sizes. Every one has other elderly and antique antique appearances. 

Receipts from Mercantile, furniture, coal, furniture, boots, normal products, pharmacists, engravers, clockmakers, lithographers, booksellers, tinware, generators, pony livery, and strong corporations, to call a couple of.   

Just lower out the pages and you have got nice ephemera for all types of crafting wishes. There are lots of types of antique receipts to make use of to your combined media, junk journals, vacationers notebooks, scrapbooks and artwork and crafts or whilst a desk image guide. There are lots of other forms of photographs, ornate typography, antique scripts and fonts.