infused with extra|further} diet|vitamins|nutrition} c and calcium with much less|so much much less}} energy|power} then common|commonplace} vita plus
jam-packed with|filled with|filled with|packed with|full of} the purest & such a lot|such a lot|the sort of lot} powerful|tough|efficient} extract of guyabano (soursop) local|native} to philippines
a large number of|a lot of|numerous} well being|smartly being} advantages|benefits}
huge|huge|massive} dimension|size|size} 20 sachets 25 grams each and every|each|each and every} overall|general|normal} 500 grams
incorporates|accommodates|contains|contains} extra|further} top class|best elegance|best fee} leaves of moringa,corchorus,capsicum,amaranthus,and ipomoea