A vintage of utopian literature, extra pressing than ever: Buckminster Fuller’s provocative blueprint for the future

Composed of lectures given by means of Buckminster Fuller all through the arena within the Sixties, Utopia or Oblivion gifts the thesis that humanity, for the primary time in its historical past, has the chance to create an international the place the desires of one hundred% of humanity are met. Fuller’s grandson, within the advent, refers to this option as “hardcore Bucky,” as those essays show Fuller’s investigations into arithmetic, geometry and the way they intersect with the humanities, track and Global peace. In Fuller’s phrases, “That is what guy has a tendency to name utopia. It is a relatively small phrase, however insufficient to explain the odd new freedom of guy in a brand new dating to universe―the other of that’s oblivion.

First printed in 1969 after which reprinted by means of Lars Müller in 2008, Utopia or Oblivion additionally contains one of the crucial earliest printed discussions of Fuller’s Global Recreation, a modern “Recreation” that set because the objective for gamers, that the arena “works” for one hundred% of humanity to no person’s drawback. It challenged gamers to forget conventional Global gadgets corresponding to international locations, states and different political and financial divisions.