Architectural legibility calls for each visual readability of a development’s look such that its formal, spatial, and subject material compositions may also be comprehended, in addition to a definite readability of its social, cultural, and political histories. Even as the time period legibility contains a connotation of conclusiveness or goal qualifications, legibility in structure is so much ceaselessly inconclusive and unresolved. Such unresolved legibility is especially visual in homes, which might be the supply of inquiry on this mission. This ebook proposes new understandings and interpretations of American residential structure by way of investigating and graphically illustrating the paperwork, areas, and histories of ten residential varieties.

Perhaps no style of structure has been written approximately greater than ‘The home’. As lengthy-status topics of architectural discourse, cultural mirrored image, and experimentation, homes constitute a confluence of architectural and broader cultural phenomena. The home isn’t just prone to, however if truth be told calls for renewal and re-creativeness; as an architectural kind it displays transferring societal values and the consistent reconstruction of that means that this transferring includes. Such social, cultural, political and contextual instances can perfect be evaluated underneath the rubric of legibility. Even as this would possibly in the beginning appear to be an goal enterprise, legibility in structure is indeterminate and unresolved, revealing the intertwining of architectural expressions with broader cultural instances.