Guide to Ancient Cemeteries

Understanding Cemetery Symbols via Tui Snider is a reference e-book for genealogists, historical past buffs, ghost hunters and others in the hunt for to be informed the forgotten meanings of cemetery symbols in Ancient graveyards.

Find out:

  • Why lawn cemeteries had been The us’s first public parks
  • The distinction among a cemetery and a graveyard
  • How the cranium and crossbones developed into cherubs
  • Why symbols matter

Learn approximately:

  • The several types of American cemeteries
  • The historical past of grave robbing
  • The symbolic which means of cash, stones, and seashells at grave sites
  • Common Latin words on headstones


  • Saints, angels, and different cemetery statuary
  • Symbols for mystery societies and clubs
  • Different varieties of crosses
  • Common cemetery structure styles
  • The symbolic which means of crops, plant life, and trees
  • Different varieties of gravestone types, monuments, and mausoleums