Susan Gaber’s lawn is a black-and-white Eden of lush flower layout — 100 sleek, botanically correct lawn plant life rendered for artists and any individual who admires or wishes floral designs and motifs: needleworkers, craftsmen of every kind, designers. All of the drawings can be used royalty-loose.
Ms. Gaber has drawn those plant life with sinuously weaving leaves and stems, flowing and swaying as in a breeze at the web page, in compositions appropriate for layout functions: one of the most plant life seem a couple of instances, and among the drawings shape frames, repeating borders, and motifs. The plant life, many complete-web page, come with African Violet, Begonia, Orchid Cactus, Columbine, Daffodil, Dogwood, Iris, Peony, Snapdragon, Tobacco, and a lot more.