Neil Peart determined to force his BMW Z-eight automotive from L.A. to Massive Bend Nationwide Park, in Southwest Texas. As he sped alongside “among the gasoline-gulping SUVs and asthmatic Eastern compacts clumping within the left lane, and the roaring, straining semis in the best,” he acted as his personal DJ, lining up the CDs chronologically and in keeping with his imaginable moods.

“Now not simplest did the tune I listened to accompany my journey, however it additionally took me on sidetrips, thru reminiscence and fractals of institutions, threads achieving again thru my entire lifestyles in techniques I had forgotten, or had by no means suspected…. Sifting thru the ones a long time and the ones reminiscences, I spotted that I wasn’t desirous about recounting the information of my lifestyles in in simple terms autobiographical phrases, however reasonably … in seeking to unweave the material of my lifestyles and occasions. As person who was once by no means so much desirous about having a look again, as a result of all the time too busy shifting ahead, I discovered that when I opened the ones doorways to the prior, I turned into thinking about the days and their impact on me. The songs and the tales I had taken as a right unexpectedly had a resonance that had obviously echoed down the corridors of my complete lifestyles, and I felt a thrill of popularity, and the experience of a type of journey. A trip tale, however Now not such a lot approximately puts, however approximately tune and reminiscences.”