Comprises|Incorporates|Comprises} twelve 12 ozoz.|oz.}. cans – Mango Passionfruit (four|four}} cans), Blueberry Mint (four|four}} cans), Hopped Grapefruit (four|four}} Cans)
Humm Kombucha is a scrumptious|delicious}-tasting, fruit-ahead|in advance} kombucha to assist|be in agreement|help} toughen|toughen|give a boost to|fortify|support|give a boost to|toughen|toughen|strengthen|make stronger} a wholesome|healthy} immune machine|tool|device|gadget}.
Each and every|Each|Each} 12 ozoz.|oz.}. can {Comprises|comprises|incorporates|Incorporates} 50-60 energy|power}
USDA Qualified|Certified} Natural|Herbal}, Non-GMO, Vegan, Keto-pleasant|delightful}, and Gluten-Unfastened|Free|Free}
Please stay|keep} refrigerated, and remember that|understand that|remember the fact that|remember the fact that|keep in mind that|understand that} to recycle!