The Phoenix Project wowed over a part-million readers. Now comes the Wall Side road Magazine Bestselling The Unicorn Project!


The Unicorn Project is astounding, and I beloved it 100 occasions greater than The Phoenix Project…”—FERNANDO CORNAGO, Senior Director Platform Engineering, Adidas


“Gene Kim does a masterful task of revealing how … the efforts of many create lasting trade benefits for all.”—DR. STEVEN SPEAR, Writer of The Prime-Speed Facet, Sr. Lecturer at MIT, and primary of HVE LLC.


The Unicorn Project is so artful, so just right, so loopy enlightening!”––CORNELIA DAVIS, Vice President Of Generation at Pivotal Tool, Inc., Writer of Cloud Local Patterns


This extremely expected apply-as much as the bestselling name The Phoenix Project takes any other have a look at Portions Limitless, this time from the standpoint of Tool building.


In The Unicorn Project, we apply Maxine, a senior lead developer and architect, as she is exiled to the Phoenix Undertaking, to the horror of her buddies and associates, as punishment for contributing to a payroll outage. She attempts to live on in what appears like a heartless and uncaring forms and to Paintings inside a gadget the place no person can get anything else performed with out unending committees, bureaucracy, and approvals.


One day, she is approached by way of a ragtag bunch of misfits who say they need to overthrow the present order, to free up builders, to convey pleasure again to Generation Paintings, and to permit the trade to win in a time of Virtual disruption. To her marvel, she unearths herself drawn ever additional into this motion, sooner or later turning into one of the crucial leaders of the Rise up, which places her within the crosshairs of a few acquainted and really bad enemies.


The Age of Tool is right here, and any other mass extinction adventure looms—this can be a tale approximately revolt builders and trade leaders operating in combination, racing in opposition to time to innovate, live on, and thrive in a time of unheard of uncertainty…and possibility.


The Unicorn Project supplies insanely helpful insights on how you can support your Generation trade.”—DOMINICA DEGRANDIS, Writer of Making Paintings Visual and Director of Virtual Transformation at Tasktop




“My purpose in writing The Unicorn Project was once to discover and monitor the important however invisible systems required to make builders (and all engineers) efficient, and monitor the devastating results of technical debt and complexity. I’m hoping this e-book can create not unusual floor for Generation and trade leaders to go away the prior at the back of, and co-create a greater long run in combination.”—Gene Kim, November 2019