The Brief Tale of Architecture is a pocket guide information to key types, homes, Components and Fabrics – a brand new and cutting edge information to the topic of Structure that explores 50 key homes, from the Nice Pyramids to top–tech, sustainable skyscrapers.

Accessible and concise, the guide hyperlinks the 50 key works to a very powerful architectural Fabrics, Components and types, giving readers the entire gear they wish to have in mind and have fun with the constructed global.

“A super little guide […] The ones with an hobby in Structure however who to find the language and jargon of the style intimidating and ceaselessly impenetrable are positive to seek out Hodge’s easy obtainable taste relaxing and fresh”Self Construct & Design

“I loved this guide. There’s no fluff right here, not anything additional. It is simply an excellent assessment of a few Nice homes, architectural types and Fabrics. The photographs are gorgeous and the writing crisp and transparent. I like to recommend this guide for any person who needs an advent to Structure and a few insights within the homes round us or that predate us.”Goodreads reviewer

“I’m an architect and so much undoubtedly loved this guide. (…) [T]he chapters Components and Fabrics are a pleasing tackle architectural historical past and can be offering useful knowledge for non execs! I see this guide as an encyclopaedia to get elementary knowledge on quite a lot of subjects. However the very Brief chapters are in point of fact simply a kick off point. The photographs are very useful all the way through and the structure is blank and is helping the reader navigate the guide. You might be on the lookout for a Brief Tale of Structure? That may be precisely what you get, in the most efficient imaginable means.”Goodreads reviewer

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