Over 300 tactics that display you the best way to stitch completely the whole lot–from garments to house decor–plus 10 trendy new tasks and up to date data on greater than 100 gear and 50 materials, with a word list of stitching terminology.

Whether you might be Stitching garments for kids and adults, making house decor, or doing adjustments, grasp each and every hand-Stitching and system-Stitching methodology for the whole lot from darts, tucks, and pleats to hems, fasteners, and mending, with shut-up pictures and transparent directions to demystify even the trickiest tactics. Choose between 15 contemporary, trendy tasks to follow your abilities, discover in-intensity protection of greater than 100 gear and 250 tactics, and read a visible listing of greater than 50 materials in The Stitching Book–without equal bible for inexperienced persons and professional stitchers alike.