A misplaced canine, a hidden time tunnel and a Mystery lake. A web page-turning time go back and forth journey for kids aged eight-eleven. Now loved by way of lots of younger readers!

When Stella and her more youthful brother, Tom, transfer to their new London house, they turn out to be mystified by way of the disappearances of Harry, their aged neighbour’s small canine. The place does he cross? And why does he stay reappearing rainy-thru?

Their quest to resolve the riddle over the summer time vacations ends up in a ship buried beneath a grassy mound, and a tunnel that takes them to a Mystery lake.

Who is the boy rowing against them who appears to be like so terrified? And whose are the ones youngsters’s voices carried at the wind from past the woods?

Stella and Tom quickly discover that they’ve travelled again in time to their house and its gardens virtually 100 years in advance. Right here they make each pals and enemies, and discover startling connections among the earlier and provide.

A up to date youngsters’s classic

The Mystery Lake has been defined by way of readers as a up to date Tom’s Middle of the night Lawn and in comparison in surroundings with The Mystery Lawn and the Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew thriller journey tales. Its web page-turning plot, with its many twists and turns, makes it a company favorite with each girls and boys.

Karen Inglis describes it as, a time go back and forth thriller journey with up to date twists – the type of tale that I beloved to learn as a kid, however introduced proper up-to-the-minute.

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