A highschool romantic comedy with 5 instances the lovable women! A highschool boy will have to paintings section-time to assist 5 sisters look at so they may be able to graduate, However the one factor those quintuplets have in not unusual is that all of them hate learning!


After an eventful college commute, Futaro has come down with a chilly. However as the personal instruct to 5 sisters in peril of flunking out, he does not have a second to waste, and no longer even an sickness can stay him from looking to get the quints to review! At some point, a heated confrontation drives a wedge among the women, and he is stuck within the heart. Will Futaro be capable of assist remedy this hard drawback, or is he simply an useless a part of the equation? And, simply whilst he is approximately to hit all-time low, Futaro’s earlier catches as much as him…