A highschool romantic comedy with 5 occasions the lovable ladies! A highschool boy should paintings phase-time to assist 5 sisters look at so they may be able to graduate, However the one factor those quintuplets have in commonplace is that all of them hate finding out!


Thrown into the midst of 5 stunning sisters who hate finding out, Futaro should determine how you can stay them from flunking out of faculty. However he has to begin from the start and earn every woman’s agree with first! His attempt to befriend the sisters begins off rocky, However he bonds with Miku over her love of Sengoku Duration warlords. All of it turns out for naught, despite the fact that, whilst a tub-similar mishap with Nino threatens the whole thing Futaro’s labored to perform! Will he have the ability to turn out his innocence and acquire their agree with? Perhaps a fireworks competition will brighten their moods!