Romance, love, and courtship are as common as the valuable jewels they encourage, items we bestow upon family members to precise deep affection, everlasting dedication, or passionate need. The Energy of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity lines the historical past of those adorns, exploring their origins, their converting models, and their cultural importance over the years and throughout cultures.

In The Energy of Love, world artwork historian and jewellery skilled Beatriz Chadour-Sampson sheds new mild at the storied pasts of those outstanding jewels, offering necessary context and historical research. The hoop is essentially the most private of all jewels, its round shape symbolizing the permanent union of 2 folks. Despite the fact that the custom of giving a betrothal or marriage ceremony ring as a promise of marriage is going again to historical Rome, it used to be now not till the 15th century that diamond earrings got here to be related to marriage. From the earliest occasions, rubies or garnets have been logos of passionate love; diamonds or rock crystals symbolized distinctive feature and fidelity; sapphires denoted everlasting love; and emeralds signified need and wish. Ornamental motifs akin to clasped palms, fans’ knots, topped hearts, Cupid’s arrows, plant life with hidden messages, snakes, and butterflies have been imaginatively utilized by jewelers to create symbols of romantic love.

The tales offered on this extent—observed by means of 100 colour footage—illustrate and remove darkness from those mysterious valuable stones.