The New York Times bestselling collection maintains with an exciting revelation — emblem-new tribes of dragons!

Some secrets and techniques are fatal.

It’s no mystery that Sundew desires to damage the HiveWings. It is her existence’s undertaking to actual revenge at the tribe that attempted to wipe out the LeafWings and ripped each tree from the skin of Pantala.

Every tree, that may be, aside from the wild and threatening Poison Jungle, the place the surviving LeafWings had been hiding because the conflict. Hiding, plotting, and looking forward to a dragon like Sundew, who’s uniquely certified to deliver down the Hives.

There are darkish secrets and techniques within the jungle, although-a few that Sundew is conserving, and a few that she’s simplest simply starting to uncover. And now that a new conflict is upon them, Sundew and her buddies should unearth the oldest mystery within the jungle-despite the fact that what they in finding has the facility to damage all of them.