The Panopticon challenge for a type jail obsessed the English thinker Jeremy Bentham for just about 20 years. Finally, the challenge got here to not anything; the Panopticon used to be by no means constructed. However It’s exactly this that makes the Panopticon challenge the most efficient exemplification of Bentham’s personal concept of fictions, in step with which non-existent fictitious entities could have all too actual results. There’s almost certainly no construction that has stirred extra philosophical controversy than Bentham’s Panopticon. The Panopticon isn’t simply, as Foucault concept, “a merciless, inventive cage”, during which topics collaborate in their very own subjection, However a lot more—establishing the Panopticon produces no longer just a jail, but in addition a god inside of it. The Panopticon is a system which on meeting is already inhabited by way of a ghost. It’s throughout the Panopticon and the intently similar concept of fictions that Bentham has made his largest have an effect on on up to date concept; notably, at the concept of energy. The Panopticon writings are incessantly stated, hardly ever learn. This model accommodates the entire “Panopticon Letters”, along with picks from “Panopticon Postscript I” and “Fragment on Ontology”, Bentham’s fullest account of fictions. A complete creation by way of Miran Bozovic explores where of Panopticon in recent theoretical debate.