Struck by means of a bolt of lightning and doused in chemical compounds, Valuable Town Police scientist Barry Allen used to be reworked into the quickest guy alive. Tapping into the power box known as The Velocity Drive, he applies a tenacious feel of justice to offer protection to an serve the arena as The Flash!

The Flash is aware of he cannot be far and wide directly, however he has apparently met his fit whilst he faces DC Comedian’ freshest new Tremendous Villain, Mob Rule, who in reality may also be far and wide directly!

As Mob Rule wages a marketing campaign of crime throughout Valuable Town, together with an electromagnetic blast that plunges the town into darkness, The Flash learns the the one method he can seize Mob Rule and shop Valuable Town is to discover ways to make his mind serve as even sooner than earlier than—however up to it is helping him, it additionally comes with a steep value.

Written and gorgeously illustrated by means of the inventive tag staff of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, The Flash Vol. 1: Transfer Ahead is the very best imaginative and prescient of the Scarlet Speedster dropped at lifestyles. This surprising photo novel is among the quickest and best possible access issues in all of DC Comics’ huge library. This extent collects problems 1-eight.