For the primary time in 3,300 years, The Egyptian E-book of the Lifeless: The E-book of Going Forth by means of Day: The Papyrus of Ani is showcased in its entirety in 74 amazing colour pages.

Maybe essentially the most surprising presentation of this E-book in 3300 years: Upon dying, it used to be the observe for a few Egyptians to provide a papyrus manuscript known as the Book of Going Forth by means of Day or the Book of the Dead. A Book of the Dead integrated declarations and spells to assist the deceased within the afterlife. The Papyrus of Ani is the manuscript compiled for Ani, the royal scribe of Thebes. Written and illustrated nearly 3,300 years in the past, The Papyrus of Ani is a papyrus manuscript with cursive hieroglyphs and colour illustrations. It is essentially the most stunning, very best preserved, and whole instance of Historical Egyptian philosophical and spiritual idea identified to exist.

The Egyptian E-book of the Dead is an essential a part of the arena’s non secular historical past. It’s an inventive rendering of the mysteries of existence and dying. For the primary time considering that its introduction, this Historical papyrus is now to be had in complete colour with an built-in English translation in an instant beneath every symbol. This 20th anniversary adaptation of The Egyptian E-book of the Dead has been revised and improved to incorporate:

  • Significant enhancements to the show of the photographs of the Papyrus.
  • A survey of the ongoing significance of Historical Egypt in brand new tradition.
  • A certain historical past of Egyptian translation and philology for the reason that discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799.
  • And, a cutting-edge Annotated Bibliography and Look at Information for Historical Egyptian research.

As the 3rd revised adaptation, all of the corpus of this essential paintings is given its such a lot out there and extravagant presentation ever.

  • Includes an in depth historical past of Egyptian scholarship, an annotated bibliography and Look at Information, and a number of enhancements to the colour plates.
  • Makes a very good reward for other folks excited about global historical past and Historical religions.