Artistry with spray paint is going a lot deeper than what a few could write off as vandalism. Up to date spray paint artists use the medium in a myriad of ingenious tactics, see them in The Artwork of Spray Paint.

With roots in graffiti and utilitarian tasks, spray paint has come to the vanguard of the Artwork global, observed each at the streets and in museums around the globe.

The Artwork of Spray Paint investigates the various artists who’re thriving with the medium, from the evolution of graffiti through John “CRASH” Matos, to the picture-practical stencils of Logan Hicks, or the proper traces and will keep an eye on of Tristan Eaton. Zimmer supplies a window into the arena of 20 top artists running with spray paint in various tactics together with graffiti, urban art, stencil, portraiture, crisp photograph work and mixed media.

You’ll additionally discover DIY tasks and methods of the trade, in addition to a focal point at the artist’s position in society, the upward push of mural gala’s and its results, and every artists’ historical past and enchantment to spray paint as a medium.

Contributors come with: CRASH, PichiAvo, BR163, Logan Hicks, Joe Iurato, Nick Walker, Caroline Caldwell, Casey Grey, Tristan Eaton, Matt Eaton, Hueman, Elle, Tatiana Suarez, Conor Harrington, Remi Tough, Will Hutnick, Rubin415, Rebecca Paul, Zac Braun, Ian Kuali’i, Ele Percent,  and Dana Oldfather