Chalk, a ubiquitous and flexible put into effect created from limestone, is a lot more than a humble device for jotting impermanent notes. With a variety of makes use of in Artwork and layout, chalk is readily turning into a favourite of artists world wide to create spectacular artistic endeavors.

In The Artwork of Chalk, noted boulevard painter Tracy Lee Stum takes an inspiring take a look at the numerous enjoyable inventive programs for this simply out there medium. With a ancient evaluate of chalk’s origins as an Artwork medium, and the way its inventive makes use of have developed over the centuries, this e book is a wealth of data for any individual having a look to get inventive with this time-commemorated Artwork medium.

Featuring the spectacular paintings of a few of nowadays’s so much distinguished artists and architects, The Artwork of Chalk explores useful and galvanizing tactics utilized in typography and lettering, superb Artwork, and the elaborate, difficult, and thoughts-bending chalk designs referred to as boulevard Artwork. Within the tools phase, you can even discover a specified record of chalk fairs held world wide.