PURE MAGNESIUM: Extremely|Extraordinarily} focused|targeted} magnesium crystals mined from deep inside the|within the|all through the} Zechstein Seabed
RAW POWER: One cup incorporates|accommodates|incorporates|incorporates} 51g magnesium chloride & different|other} hint|trace} components|portions|parts} from historic|ancient|ancient} seawater
SOAK IN LUXURY: Upload|Add} 1 to 3 cups to calm down|calm down|calm down|calm down}, refresh & rejuvenate thoughts|feelings} and frame|frame}}. Nice|Great} for foot soaks
HOW IT WORKS: Heat|Warmth} water opens pores and is helping|helps} soothe and calm down|calm down|calm down|calm down} your frame|frame}} and thoughts|feelings}
CUSTOMERS SAY: “Works for pressure|stress|force|tension} and muscle reduction|support|relief} and revitalizes the surface|the outdoor|the outside} on the|at the} similar|equivalent|similar|similar} time.”