Girls being fearless. Women fooling around. Women being wild, cussed, and proud. Women whose faces are smeared with dust and lit up with pleasure. So easy and but so tough, Strong Is the New Pretty celebrates, via greater than 175 memorable pictures, the energy and spirit of ladies being one hundred% themselves.

Actual good looks isn’t approximately being a definite measurement, performing a definite manner, dressed in the best garments, or having your hair performed (and even brushed). Actual good looks is set being your original self and proudly owning it. Kate T. Parker is a certified photographer who reveals the actual good looks in Women, taking pictures it for all of the international to peer in candid and arresting pictures.

A birthday party, a catalog of spirit in phrases and smiles, an confirmation of the truth that it’s what’s inside of you that counts, Strong Is the New Beautiful conveys an impressive message for each and every lady, for each and every dad and mom of a lady, for each and every instruct and mentor and instructor, for everybody within the village that it takes to boost a powerful and self-assured individual.