The authentic image-e book edition of “Amendment Your Thoughts” by way of collection author Rebecca Sugar!
In 2019, Cool animated film Community aired a pivotal episode in its Emmy- and Annie-award nominated collection Steven Universe: The hour-lengthy different “Amendment Your Thoughts” found out the extremely expected end result of Crimson Diamond’s storyline.
A better half e book to the collection, The Story of Steven tells the tale of “Amendment Your Thoughts” in the similar taste because the New York Times bestselling The Solution.
That includes an bizarre and idea-upsetting interactive structure, readers will apply the tale of Crimson Diamond’s break out from Homeworld, Rose Quartz’s lifestyles on Earth, and the introduction of Steven Universe, from more than one conflicting views.
The Story of Steven can be an impossible to resist memento for Steven Universe fanatics of every age.

From the again duvet:

Once upon a time,

a foolish, not possible little Gem 

named Crimson Diamond 

ran clear of her Homeworld 

to the planet Earth. 

She reworked into Rose Quartz 

and gave up her lifestyles 

to create a part-human kid, 

Steven Universe. 

But as long as Steven has her Gem, 

can they BOTH exist? 

Is he her? Is she him? 

Is she trapped inside of his Gem? 


In a tale not like some other— 

made up of more than one issues of view— 

who will get to inform the Story of Steven?