Do We Need to Say It Once more? Socialism Sucks!

It sounds as if we do. As a result of nowadays thousands and thousands of American citizens—old and young—are flocking to the socialist banner and chanting, “What do we wish? Socialism—the industrial device that has impoverished other people all over the place and resulted within the deaths of tens of thousands and thousands! And while do we wish it? Now!”

In reality?

The general public appear one way or the other to have overlooked Economics 101 and don’t needless to say socialism isn’t great, cuddly govt that looks after the whole lot for you so to stay a teen perpetually. No, we’ve observed it attempted again and again with catastrophic results.

Happily, semi-sober economists have toured the socialist international so that you don’t Need to. And so they’ve come again with this shocking document: Socialism Sucks!

Alongside the best way, you’ll be told:

• Why the so-referred to as Swedish type could be horny, however certain isn’t socialism (Sweden is capitalism with a large welfare state)

• How socialist Venezuela went from being the toast of liberals all over the place—Viva Venezuela!—to being simply toast

• Why you by no means see new vehicles in Cuba

• Why no person forgets to prove the lighting in North Korea (trace: there aren’t any)

• Why American socialists do not know what socialism In reality is

How exhausting it’s to search out just right beer—or infrequently any beer in any respect—in socialist countries

Irreverent however truthful economists Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell have all of the information—and much more vital, the firsthand international enjoy—to verify that socialism fails to ship on any of the utopian guarantees it makes and as a substitute may be very dangerous on your financial (and different) well being. It is a guide that each American who values freedom and sound economics (and just right beer) must learn.